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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


How to get approve for adsense with little tricks 2017

Hello  Guys today i am going to share some of my experience with adsense programme and i will tell you what you should do to get approve for adsense . as in our asian countries it is very hard to get approval for adsense and to make money is also more diffcult but bt impossible as it is very hard to get adsense in nepal and india and china but many people are making very much goood amount of money from adsense In india also there are many bloggers who are making very good amount of money from adsense and in nepal also there are many developers who are making a very good amount of money from adsnese. some of the list of the websites who are using adsense in nepal and india and earning a lots of.

In nepal 

in india

They are the most popular website in nepal and india who are earning good money by using adsense in their website.

so let me tell you how to approve adsnese account at first you need to have a blog a quality blog
which is having a more than 30 content let me tell you why 30 content is important . its all about visitor if your one post is getting at leat 10 visitor a day then total you have a 300 visitor which is enough to get adsense account if you have a visitor from outside of the country . if you have all visitor from nepal and india it is diffcult to get adsense approve but if you got international visitor then it will be easy to get approved.  so i will tell you to make blog in that topic in which it will get the visitor from all parts of the world and your article should be ever green . i suggest you to make blogs on topics like reviews,notes,places,health,tips,education these are the ever green topics for blogging so i think it will be easy to get evergreen traffic and also international . as traffic is a very important factor to get approve for adsense and important factor is that traffic is coming from where google adsense gives priority to those sites which traffic is organic from the google search engines and top sites referral having high page rank also the platform is  very important factor where you are blogging . there are many platforms where you can create a blog or websites and it will be very good and valuable and a better ranking on google if your blog is hosted on the wordpress due to various seo plugins avaiable 
and a top level domain if you are working with subdomain then even you cant apply for adsense if you are nt from blogger  so at first you need to have a top level domain  connected on your site after that there is a other things to do . google adsense team looks to your site it is mobile friendly or nt and also it sees your designs it looks it complies with its adsense policy or nt and also it seeks for your templates designs sites loading time and its ranking on world . it is nt mention any where that it looks for alexa ranking but i think it also matters at the time of approval of adsense. 
now let me tell you about adsense working if you have got adsense apprved then also its nt finished they can disapproved account if they detects invalid activity on your site or blog. this prroblem i had already faced they have a very advance system to detect these types of activity . recently i have read one article in which there is mention about one amazing google algorithm that it tracks our cursor and it invalid clicks and impression by reading the cursor movement it itself develops a psychology what people is thinking . 
so to work with adsense is nt so much easy you have to be very careful while using it and its true it hurts a lot when your account is disapproved because its a very good paying network .now for the guys whose account is disapproved you can work with other ads network which are not good as adsense but they are alternatives of google adsense here is a list of some of them

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


http injector free internet ncell 2017 get free internet ntc and ncelll

http injector nepal ncell free internet

Hello guys now many people and blog readers are confuse that this http injector is working or not  let me tell you it is working or not yes it is working but the problem is the file and setting of http injector in nepal http injector is working with ncell many people are using free internet in ncell using the http injector and from a long time but they are not sharing because that file used to get banned by ncell if they got in hand so i have now a very good plan i will send the working file for each  person a different file this way it is not possible for the ncell to track the data is leaking from where . now ncell  engineer are working hard to fix this problem but there is always some loop hole .ncell nepal lutna kai lagi . so now if you want to get ncell ehi file then please comment down your email adress i will send ehi file manually to your email adress and i also request to you use it privately  otherwise it leaks and stops woking . hope you understand if you are new to http injector then read this article

thsese were my some articles about using free internet in ncell yes they still works but for a limited time .  if you are confuse about using the http injector then please watch my this video where all things are mentioned manually, please comment down your email adress and please tell how you like our service your feedback will be our confidience to make new more posts keep looting ncell thank you for being in our blog .

update on 11th gatay
helllo all friends i get to many requests on comments for file but i got a problem the file expires at 2 days of creation and now days i dont have too much time due to examination so guys please create file from fatssh and enjoy .
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Sunday, September 11, 2016


New apple products and upcoming apple products

There is no place to make a doubt that apple products are the best and came always with new and amazing features and uniuque also.  Apple has its many products with a high quality products . it costs so much high than the other  but it has also that kind of uses and security also. let me tell you here some of the amazing apple products .

Apple watch


apple watch is nt only a single watch it has many features with it. really apple watch is a very best friend and also a very good health companion .apple watch can Track and share your activity. Measure your workouts. Monitor your health. And stay connected to the people and information you care about most. Now you can do it all even faster than before, thanks to a new dual-core processor. Introducing Apple Watch Series 1. 
it has also a

Lightning-fast performance.

With its new dual-core processor, Apple Watch Series 1 is ready to go when you are. Your favourite apps launch immediately and are always up to date, so you can perform everyday tasks  like viewing your Activity rings, checking your calendar or replying to a message  in an instant.
 apple watch  can track and share your activity.
 it can also measure your workouts. monitor your health your heart rate. you can even text anyone caht and even cann also.


iphone iphone 7

iphone is now trending so much. iphone is now changing the world of smartphones by providing amazing new features and also by giving an extra ordinary looks and its quality .now recently iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus has been launched.  for more info about iphone you can also visit it official site here.  iphone official site



apple ipad is a revolution creating invention in the technology and ipad and other devicies . it has quite amzing and glamarous looks. anyone can be fund of this ipad by its elligant design and about it features. in ipad you will get aplle pencil which is great When using iPad Pro, there may be moments when you want even greater precision. So we painstakingly designed Apple Pencil to expand on the versatility of Multi-Touch. And while the technology inside is unlike anything we’ve ever engineered, picking up Apple Pencil for the first time feels instantly familiar. It lets you make any number of effects, down to a single pixel, giving you more creative freedom than ever before.

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Friday, September 9, 2016

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Iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus launched its features and price nepal india

Iphone 7  and iphone 7 plus launched its features and price

iphone 7 and i phone e7 plus has been now launched officially .This i phone 7 has now come with elligant design and many features .This iphone 7 has now Dramaticallu improves the most important aspects of the iphone  using experience.  It has introduces now a very Advance new camera systems. The the best performance and a very good battery life ever in an iphone life. It has a most powerful and a very impressive stero speakers. The brightest and the most colorful iphone display. Splash and a water Resistance . it looks  bit as powerful as it is . This is iphone 7.The iphone 7 starts at $649 for a 32gb variant of the phone . for 128gb its costs is about $749  and for 256gb its comes in $849 in the united states of america US.

Display of the new iphone 7

its display is 25% brighter screen than iphone 6s and iphone 6 plus  . Now the iphone 7 has the most attractive function that is HD retina display. and it has the resolution of 1334*750  in the  iphone 7 and 1920*1080 in the iphone  7 plus . The display comprise of a wide color and 3D touch.


The camera of a  iphone 7 comes with a 12 mp camera and with a optical image stablization and a Quad LED true Flash. The camera  is with a f 1.9 aperture and a six element lens to make a whole new experience.  Apple has said thatt This technology used in camera of iphone 7 takes snap even at low llight images and videos .  there are also various features in the camera of now this iphone like wide color capture and its flickering sensor that helps flickering of extra light  from sourrounding.
Display: 4.7-inches Retina HD Display with Wide Color Gamut

Now features of iphone 7

Processor: A10 Fusion C 64bit Quad Core
32/128/256 GB, 2 GB RAM
iOS 10
Camera 12MP OIS (rear) f/1.8 , 7MP facetime HD (front)
Connectivity: LTE Advanced up to 450 Mbps
Stereo Speakers (2x louder than 6 and 6s)
New Home Button
Water and Dust Protection

Specs of iPhone 7 Plus

Display: 5.5-inches Retina FullHD Display with Wide Color Gamut
Processor: A10 Fusion C 64bit Quad Core
32/128/256 GB, 2 GB RAM
iOS 10
Camera 12MP with Wide-angle and telephoto LensOIS (rear) f/1.8 , 7MP facetime (front)
Connectivity: LTE Advanced up to 450 Mbps
Stereo Speakers (2x louder than 6 and 6s)
New Home Button
Water and Dust Protection

 in nepal also this iphone 7 and iphone plus will be avaiable soon and its price also for remainder of iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus in nepal comment below. so guys keep waiting it will be avaiable soon in nepal iphone 7 plus and iphone 7
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Friday, September 2, 2016


How to earn money online in india free

Earning money online is heard a very intresting task to do and there are many ways that you can earn money online . now if you are from india then you have a lots of chance that you can earn free cash just with your mobile or laptop there are many ways that you can be able to make money from different platforms. now as at the starting i am going to tell you some of the platforms that can be used in india to get free recharge cards in airtel, in idea and in aircel .now in india there are many ways that you can make money online for free. so get on the points lets start.
at first platforms by which you can make money online by the surveys,by blogging ,by unlocking your mobile phone,by watching videos, by listening songs,by capatacha verification, these are some of the methods by which you can make money online.
lets start from beginneing

online survey

earn money online free india without investment
yes you can earn a lots of money by online survey. in 1 hour you can make up to 5$ if you get qualify for the survey but you have to give a geniune answer for the survey otherwise you may get disqualify for the survey. there are any online survey websites and from my personal experience i will recommended you some of the sites that will really pays you a good amount of money. inboxdollar.com,swagbucks,slidejoy,etc  i have a earned proof also from inboxdollar

By listening songs 
earn money online listening music
you can also earn money if you listen songs online .you need to choose your favourite bands name and when you get qulified and your favourites songs matched with thier avaiable you will get reward for listening the songs from http://www.musicxray.com/get-paid-to-listen it pays you up to 15cents for eeach song you listen in the web

By unlocking phone

This app is the coolest app i have ever used for earning money you have there nothing to do .you just need to install this android app in your mobile and all work is done each time you will unlock your phone you will get paid . you can check out its reward from paypal and bit coin according to thier monthly paying shedule.

By capatacha verification 

earn money online nepal and inda by capatacha verification
if you solved a capatacha at 2capatacha.com you will get money for each verification. and there are many payment option i fell like this playing a game just you can earn some bucks which can be used by you buying online clash of clan gems and other i use these for the same purposes.
these were some of the methods by which without any investment  you can earn free online money in india .

now these were the some tricks by which you can earn only the little bucks but if you want to earn more money from online then you can read our other articles about earning money online.

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Saturday, August 27, 2016


Adsense Approval Guide for India

Get Google Adsense Approval in few days in Asia or India or Nepal

adsense approval in asina nepal and india
Google adsense is one of the best and easiest Way of earning money From online For the bloggers and youtube channel owners. Google Adsense is one of the trusted network by the advertisiers and publishers becasue it is spam free for both advertisers and publishers. Google adsense shows contextual ads to the high quality sites and it also effect very betterly for adsense . Google adsense is this much effective because it has a quality of guide lines which is needed to be followed by publishers and advertisers. so many people are not getting google adsense because they didnt follow the google guide lines and google adsense is not approved. mostly in india and nepal many bloggers are not getting google adsense approval becasue india and nepal countries need somthing extra than any other european countries now read articles here how you will get adsense account although you are from india or nepal  now i am going to tell how to get google adsense at first apply and get approved its just easy if you have followed the complete guidelines .

Guide lines to be followed for adsense approval india and nepal

so if you want to approve adsense in nepal and india you have to followed these guidelines if you follow all these guide lines i am sure you will get approval 100 percent without any disapproval.

minimum post and quality article

before applying adsense you need to have the articles which contain good standard keywords and more than 400 words many people says upto 300 words but i recommended to write articles more than 500 words because first impression is the last impression is my thinking. always note that write articles at that topics which are popular in the market and most searched things on search engines and google and all of you articles shsould related to each other .if your articles is related to each other then a user stays more time on your site and this is also consisdered as a major things about adsense and more time on site also indicated the quality of the site and don't forget to interlink  your every articles with each other it is also very important for seo and also link your articles with other high quality sites like shoutmeloud and neilpatel these sites are the king of blogging. this sends the signal to the searchenignes about your site is presensent in internet.


  No Third party advertisement

if you are planning to submit your website or blog for adsense then forget the other thirdparty ads on your blog at the time of applying adsense . becasue your blog is checked by the real person and  they  really hate if they see the any third party ads on your blog and your submission is rejected by no any good reason so i suggest you to beaware of the the ads of chitika,infolinks,juicy,propeller and any other ads network and also aware about the affiliate programms and banners and also you need to care about is the widgets you have to make a clean and non spammy site remove all the unnessary gadgets from your your blog before applying for submission and also the main thing is templates choosen choose the better clean and neat templates .

Google analytics code

If you want to make google to make a trust on you that you are very caring to your site then install google analytics on your blog this indicates that you are continously making an eye on your site .this increases the chances of approval of adsense. if you have registered already a google analytics on your blog then its a bery good if you havent then also not needed to worry about anything you can register now also  webmaster and then install a tracking code on your blog for installing tracking code on your blog go to layout and then html and place that code and save and its done.

google analytics 

Alexa rank

alexa rank 

This alexa rank is not mentioned in the google toc or any guidelines but many people think that its also a very important factor for the approval of adsense even i also belived that alexa ranking is also a very important factor for the approval of adsense because it indicates the quality of the site. 

Important pages 

In my opinion pages are the most important factor because these pages contain the most important information about the pages. like
1. About us ( on about us place your name and contact detail same as you submit on adsense approval)
3.Contact us
4.Privacy policy
5.Terms of usage

Custom domain  and custom email

this is the most important factor that before applying the adsense you have to connect the custom domain and a custom email. becasue its indicates a standard of the site you shouldn't submit site with a sub domain like abc.xyz.com these domains are rarely to be accepted and chances are nearly  to zero and a custom domain based email also rather than abc.gmail.com use should make domain based email like abc.nepaliadsense.com. 
.com domain 

Organic traffic (search traffic)

organic traffic is the major traffic for the approval of adsense. you can get adsense if you got the traffic by buying and paid traffic then you cant get the adsense. becasuse google adsense belives in natural traffic rather than artificial. so try to get organic traffic from search engines . so for organic traffic you need to have a better seo and a qualtiy content for seo you need to submit a site to google webmaster tool .

so these were the some of the major things to be considered before applying the adsense if you also want then at first follow these guide lines and then apply for the adsense.
more advance note if you are from the country like nepal and china then please try to make  your post evergreen for international traffic becasue it is very diffcult to get adsense in india and nepal and other asisn countries. so before applying adsense check your traffic states and then only apply adsense . 

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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http injector free internet ncell ntc new trick free internet

now using http injectot free internet in ncell and ntc by using http injecotr which is a very powerful vpn now many people are searching the same thing about using the vpn http injector for using the free internet in ncell but now this trick is not going to work any more

now google is full of the articles that how to use http injector and use free internet in ncell and there are many videos on the youtube about using free internet in ncelll .
in google there are lots of keywords also has been established or generated  when you write free internet ncell it shows how to use free internet using http injector . i am now going to tell you all stop searching that thing and use internet by hacking wifi insted of that because it is more easier method than all. some one had already reported that problem to ncell so they had just improved their security.
so guys now you have to stop dreaming of using http injector for using free internet in ncelll and ntc.
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How to crete a Blog for free in ||Blogger

Create blog and earn money and blogging is a best platform for sharing the knowledge what you have and its also helps to earn some bucks by blogging also which makes more intresting to do blogging there are many people who have now days lefted their job and making carrer on blogging and there is a proof also that people are making a great money from blogging . let me tell you how to earn money from blogginng and what are the ways by which you can earn money from blogging. ad there are  many ways you can earn money but i am going to mention some of the methods.

Adsense by google

Adsense is a program by which blogger allows you to show ads on your blog and give you 50% of revenue they are paid by the advertisiers . here people who promot there product are called here advertiser and who publish that ads are called publishers

now before earning money you have to make a blog so i will tell you how to create a blog at first you need to have a gmail adress if you dont have create a one and then 
open>> www.blogger.com after that sign in your account 

and then this page will be open

now choose the title and then choose the adress and then you have to choose a theme after choosing them click save and after that you will be redirected to next page 

 now this page will be open in this page see at the left corner at the left cornet there is a new post you have to start writing there at the new post .if you want to write then click there and post what you want to like there note at the time of writing the articles use relavant picturs  with the content becasue content is the king of the article  if you want to make a better blog then follow these instructions carefully if you have created the blog then the next thing is getting the readers to your blog and you will get the visitors if you have a qualtiy content and better articles

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Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung is a best brand for its quality and uniqueness and also for its faster and latest updating feature. 

Samsung galaxy s7 Features

samsung galaxy s7 Edge smart phone was launched in february 16 on 2016  It comes with a 5.5 inch qhd super Amoled multi touch display and it has a resolution of 1440*2560 . The screen is  Protected by Corning Gorilla glass. So there is no Chance of Scratch. This smart phone is very sexy in looks slim and thin about 7.5mm thin .IT comes with a 4 gb ram and also it comes with a Octa Core Exynos 8890 processor. Another very attractive things is its internal memory is 68 bg and it can be extended up to 2tb by using external sd card.

The samsung galaxy s7 edge runs on a android 6.0 and its battery is 3600mah which is so powerful and long lasting.the main camera of its is 12mega pixel with auto focus and auto face detection. HDR, panaroma mode,geo-tagging.
price of samsung galaxy s7 edge in nepal is RS 77900 in india price of samsung galaxy s7 edge is
50900. now get here all the features about the samsung galaxy s7 edge features below.
Others: Fingerprint sensor, IP68 certified – dust proof and water resistant over 1.5 meters for up to30
 minutes, fast charging, Wireless Charging
Memory: 4GB RAM, 68GB internal storage with microSD card slot (supports up to 200GB)
Battery:   non-removable battery 3600mAh
OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow with TouchWiz UI
Camera: 12MP rear camera with f1.7 aperture, phase detection autofocus, OIS and LED flash, 5MP front facing camera with f1.7 aperture
Connectivity: Wi-Fi,v4.2, NFC,Bluetooth  MicroUSB 2.0, 3G, 4G LTE, Hybrid Dual-SIM card slot
Processor: Exynos 8890 Octa-core (2.3GHz Quad+1.6GHz Quad) CPU, Mali-T880 MP12 GPU


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Monday, August 22, 2016

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Adsense Approval in India

Approve adsense in india 

Adsense approval is the dream of every blogger. Now in india also there are many blogger and many of them were unable to approve  adsense because there are some guidelines which are needed to be followed For more info about guidelines of approving adsense you can get info here Guidlines
 approve adsense in india
Now  as adsense approval in asian countries is very diffcult but nothing is impossible just needed is some dedication. now adsense apprvoal in india is also not so diffcult then how to do thar read here .
At first topic of Your blog is the main thing you have to care about what kind of blog you are starting that is the main thing. your blog topic should be ever green and also useful for all the peoples means worldwide this will lead you to get traffic from all around and also the international traffic mainly if you have a traffic from usa then think you will earn more and more and adsense is also approved faster .if you got international traffic then you are not needed to worrry about adsense.
i will recommended you to have a blogs topic related to tech, hardware software and education and health related subjects .These types of blogs have a good search on google and other search engines.
and it will makes you easy to have a organic traffic. So if you are from india and you want to approve adsense then choose the topic of the blogs which are ever green and which target international traffic 

Search engine opmitization(seo)

seo india
you also needed to care about the seo before applying the adsense becasue its a very imporatant part for the approval of  adsense becasue adsense is approved when you have a organic traaffic .adsense doesn't accept that types of traffic which are paid traffic and  also that which comes directly. for seo read some articles here. seo india  now after that we need some thing extra which gives you some officility about your blog that is domain.

Domain connecting

domain connect
If you had a top level Domain then you can connect if you don't have buy one and connect before applying the adsense  becaause sub domains are harldy there chances of accepting. now if you cant buy domain then you can use free domains like .tk .cu.cc these were the free domains.

little trick to approve adsense in india now

adsense trick
At first create a blogger blog rather than other becasue there is a good chance to approve adsense in blogspot because its also a product of google.now after creating blog connect domain and then start post up to 30 qualtiy posts and then submit your site to google webmaster Google tool used to index your blogs url and helps it to display on search engine . now after doing that make your posts viral on social media . like facebook , reddit, twitterm stumbleupon, and linkedin after doing this you will get lots of traffic which will helps to make some ranking on google .after that  which thing i am going to tell you is the main trick to approve adsense in india . At first download palringo and then download a pc version vpn . after that learn on youtube about using palringo .
and then finally you will have adsense in your hand.  adsense in india is not so easy but nothing is impossible you will get approved if you have a quality post. 

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